Biocrystal® infused Yoga mats


Crystals make you grow

A powder of 16 different crystals inside the Yoga mat, selected for their strong relaxing effect on body and mind.

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"Energy is the essence of life."

natural resources

Natural Effect On Your Yoga Practice & Meditation.

This smart and all-natural innovation helps you to unlock your energy potential and empowers it. Using only natural resources, Biocrystal® brings a reduced level of stress, improves the energy flow through your body and helps you utilize the best of your body energy.

The Indian Vedas especially the Ayurveda teach us; Crystals work in tandem with your chakras and bring harmony and higher awareness to your life.

Biocrystal® improves body energy, relaxes muscles and nerve system and enhances better focus and deeper meditation. Furthermore, Biocrystal® reduces fatigue, brings a reduced level of stress, contributes to an improved health, resistance and immune system.


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