Our story


Mandali Mendrilla

Award-winning artist and designer

YOUBYOU supports being your higher self, contributing to a more conscious world and enjoying the qualities of your soul: YOUBBeautiful, YOUBEternal, YOUBLove, YOUBBliss, YOUBHappy, YOUBWise, YOUBPerfect, YOUBGold, YOUBGlorious, YOUBPure.

We came up with the idea of a Yoga mat containing crystals and we found the Biocrystal® company and discovered they had a great product and had a common mission and goals.

We worked with conscious fashion pioneer and award-winning artist and designer Mandali Mendrilla. Since founding Atelier Mendrilla™ in 1995, Mandali has been pioneering earth friendly and sustainable clothing. We are happy we are partners for the Yoga branch.

silhouette photography of woman doing yoga

"Implementing Crystals in a High-end Yoga mat."

How it started

My name is Radha

I have been an initiated Bhakti Yogi for 30 years now. Together with my two daughters, I started the YOUBYOU project.

It all started when I was looking for a brand name for jewelry from India. My daughters, Sophie and Maxime, and I wanted to add some extra to the jewelry and started to play with affirmations. My youngest, Sophie, started with “You Be Beautiful”, “You Be Proud”, “You Be Wonderful” and then my eldest, Maxime, said: YOUBYOU. Immediately, I understood the philosophical meaning “YOU Be Your Soul” and “Being Inconceivably One and Different”. The YOUBYOU concept was born. In search of ways to implement my spiritual way of life in my work, I came to express this philosophy in a fashion and lifestyle b​​rand named YOUBYOU.

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